OK – now that I’ve got your attention, I have seen so many resumes in the last few years that are pathetic!

Resume formats that have been used for the last three decades just don’t cut the mustard anymore. Worst still, most job applicants think their resume is OK…


I’m tired of candidates/job seekers applying for job openings time and time again and saying the competition is too heavy and that’s why they aren’t getting calls.


If you are not getting calls, your resume isn’t working – it’s as simple as that!

Most of the resumes I receive look like these:

A crappy resume has the following:

  • Irrelevant information (like Status: Married/Single, Health: Good), Date of Birth (which has no bearing one how you can do the job) and long lists of qualifications – plus the dates of employment focus instead of the job title.


  • Generic cliched key words that tell the reader NOTHING… Enthusiastic, motivated, team player, attention to detail, hardworking… then it follows with a boring laundry list of tasks anyone in that job is expected to do….. basically blah, blah, bloody blah!

Think about the layout – A recruiter MUST see everything you have to meet their job opening on the first 1/3 of your front page.

  1. Can you honestly say your resume represents your passion, dedication to your career and/or your presentation skills?
  2. Are you 100% confident that your resume is the best ‘first impression’ you can put forward for your future job?
  3. Can your resume get through an Applicant Tracking System?
  4. Does your resume show (not just tell) how you match the skills, qualifications and experience required for the job vacancy?
  5. Are you giving examples of how valuable you are to this business – when and what you did to save time, money, or achieve success?

At the end of the day – a template, cookie cutter resume format like the below isn’t going to cut it either. I used this template once back in 2007 and another ‘resume writing company’ is still using this 10 years later!

Populating the Skills & Attributes/Abilities section with the exact same bullet points is not adding value to your resume. A recruiter just breezes over this part because everyone writes the same crap and it says nothing about the individual?!

So, what does a 2017 resume look like?

It’s tough to show examples because every one of my thousands of clients have their own unique resume because they have all come from a different background and are heading on a different career path to each other.

Even when I’ve worked with five tradespeople, within the same month all on the same project with the same qualifications – if each of them laid out their resume next to each other… they would all be different as everyone explains their job differently; they have different strengths and desires for their next career step.

At the end of the day – as long as you have a basic layout showing the below, you are on the right track to having a 2017 resume!

If you need some guidance or feedback on your current resume strengths, weaknesses or know that it needs a total overhaul… check out Pilbara Resumes and give us a call.