Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

So many people head into the new year with big plans to do things differently. It might be that health kick, more time with your loved ones, learn a new skill or get a new job?!

Big plans for a new year – fresh start?

If your New Year’s resolution is to find a new job then it’s time to do things differently.

No more ‘old school’ resumes


Your resume is often the first (and sometimes only) impression of who you are. These old-style template resumes don’t work anymore.

No more boring list of what anyone in the job would be expected to do!

An employer needs to see what makes you different to other qualified applicants.

Your resume MUST show the value you bring to a workplace… start with the job title/targeted position – a summary of what you offer in line with their needs and quantifiable achievements and/or highlights.

Your education or job specific licences/tickets may be next or at the end of the document and your Employment History needs to focus on more than the job responsibilities.

LinkedIn does work


It’s no good just being on LinkedIn, you have to be ‘active’ on LinkedIn.

The first step is a must – you need a professional photo.

Your headline is a key element of how people find you. Using the 120 characters to show what you do as opposed to what you are or who you work for.

With your summary and work history, it is important to build on from your resume. Don’t waste this platform by just cutting and pasting your resume information, as readers are hoping to learn more about you. Show your personality.

When working with my clients, I always see LinkedIn as an opportunity to show more about what drives you, who you are. “Basically picture yourself sitting in front of a recruiter or potential employer… what would you say?”

It’s all about Personal Branding


Heading into 2017 – use your biggest asset to create or find your dream job… who you are!

What makes you different from others in your field?

To approach your job search the right way in 2017, you need to market yourself the right way.

You are your brand and your social media (or lack of) is the key to how you are viewed. If you draw a blank or don’t know where to start, maybe it’s time to work with someone who can help you find out. This article is a good read to get started – The New Rules of Personal Branding for Job Seeker.

Most people undersell themselves – you just go to work and do your job, right?!

Unless you are in Sales or PR, it’s time to find a qualified resume writer who can bring out your strengths, achievements and target your job application tools to a fresh start.

Feel free to contact me for more information and/or a free appraisal of your resume and LinkedIn. Better yet, let’s get started on turning around your job search marketing tools and launch into 2017.