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Are You Ready For Your Next Career Step?

It is disheartening as a resume writer when my son arrives home from school with the news that he needs to get his resume ready for an interview… and the teacher has given him (and the rest of the class) a template to use!

The excitement of an interview for an apprenticeship – and his knowledge that these pieces of paper the teacher has given him are a waste of time!

I had a quick look through and couldn’t believe that in this New Generation of Careers there is a place to add his DOB and Personal Strengths such as:

  • Highly Skilled in… (what “talking back, playing Pokemon Go, finding ways to get out of his chores, I could go on!)
  • I am smart… (well that’s right… a smart-arse!)
  • Creative… (in excuses of “no homework again”)
  • Hardworking… (yes, it’s hard work bringing up a teenager!)
  • the list just goes on!

They also gave him a list of Great Resumes vs. Horrible Resumes tips and the one that jumped out at me was:

Treat each resume that you create for yourself as worth ten thousand dollars. Because that is probably what you will earn if you get the job – or even more.

As you take the next step in your career, competing against other strong applicants, it’s important to highlight your strengths and achievements across social media and your marketing tools.

Most people have no idea how to do this and unfortunately what chance have our kids got with the advice coming out of schools… being the same information I was taught 20+ years ago!

On this note, I realised that I needed to get out from behind the desk and share my knowledge and expertise with schools, job seekers and career developers.

As an internationally published resume writer and award winner, I’ve created New Generation CareersNext Step Workshops and my Career Accelerator program.

Having launched my workshops in Adelaide in August 2016, I’ll be running more in the new year – it’s only $1 to reserve your seat and IF you get value out of our 3 hours together, I’ll charge you $49 at the end of the day…

If you are serious about your career – join me at one of our Next Step Workshop

And the story goes…

Lucky, my son knew that the teacher’s advice and template wouldn’t help him!

We worked together to create an achievement based resume and cover letter, plus with interview coaching.. he was told by the interviewer that “you have been the best prepared student I have EVER seen!”

Fingers crossed for the outcome in another week!

Just remember, your resume should NEVER look like anyone else’s and it should be an ever-evolving document strategically written for the next step in your career…

Are you ready for your next career step?